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Top 3 Remote Working Communities for Nature Lovers 🎉

Welcome to colive values - more than just an accommodation platform. We connect remote workers like you with vibrant, remote-work-specific communities across the globe that align with your interests.
Today, we're taking a nature trek across three very different and unique, remote work communities perfect for nature lovers.

Why Remote Work Communities for Nature Lovers?

It's no surprise that there's been a spike in remote workers and digital nomads in recent years. And, in accordance with this rise, the demand for community-oriented accommodation has also soared. Now, with colive values, you can more easily find the tribe that perfectly resonates with your values and interests.
So, nature lovers, this one's for you. While you're reading this, just imagine yourself living and working amidst breathtaking landscapes with like-minded outdoors enthusiasts.
Now, let's hike to three very different communities that are perfectly tailored to your love of nature.

Fulfill your Swiss Alpine Dreams: Coliving.frilingue Relais

Coliving Frilingue Relais
Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps (a literal dream come true), Coliving.frilingue Relais invites you to indulge in the rugged beauty of the mountains and crisp alpine air. This global community, brimming with outdoor enthusiasts, will very quickly feel like home to any nature lover. From skiing and ski hiking in the winter to relishing in exhilarating hikes in the summer, this community thrives on outdoor adventures.
Community bonus: Coliving.frilingue Relais offers various workshops and community events to foster camaraderie and feed your adventurous spirit.
Check out the full community profile here!

Discover Your Volcanic Energy: Pitaya Coliving

Pitaya Coliving
Welcome to the heartbeat of Lanzarote Island, Pitaya Coliving. This community is the perfect embodiment of the island's unique landscape and volcanic energy. Spend your (off) days surfing, exploring the natural terrain, or participating in the myriad of outdoor activities that are organized by the community leaders.
Community bonus: But the fun doesn't stop there; this community also hosts something called 'Pitaya Festival', which takes place every other month in La Geria, Lanzarote's spectacular wine region. This Festival brings together the local and coliving communities through gastronomy, well-being, art, and live music, creating an authentic, holistic experience in a breathtaking place!
Check out the full community profile here!

Blissful Island Life: Palma Coliving

Palma Coliving
Now we're hopping over the picturesque setting of Mallorca, home to Palma Coliving. This home boasts a conscious-living mindset, catering to individuals who value sustainability, personal well-being, and authentic connection. With 10-15 monthly residents, you can immerse yourself in a variety of activities. From yoga and volleyball to hiking, diving, and wine tasting, enhance your remote work lifestyle while breathing in the ocean's fresh breeze.
Community bonus: Tapas night! Indulge in true, Spanish cuisine with Palma Coliving's shared dinners.
Check out the full community profile here!
At colive values, we aim to help nature lovers like you zestfully and seamlessly dive into the remote work lifestyle by providing you with a platform to explore and book coliving spaces that resonate with your values.
Whether it's the mountains of Switzerland, the volcanic energy of Lanzarote, or the sunny beaches of Palma, we've got you covered!
So, embrace the change, connect with communities that resonate with your values, and break away from the conventional. We're here to help and support you with any questions you may have, so please don't hesitate to contact us.
Greener pastures, breathtaking mountain ranges, and vibrant communities are only a few clicks away with colive values. Book your space now!
Don't forget to bring your hiking boots 😉