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Exciting news! We finally have an app that connects communities and places together. As a coliving space, the community is of utmost importance to us. Finding like-minded people who want to co-live, work, and create together during their stay is what we're all about at Coliving.frilingue. That's why we're thrilled to have an app that helps individuals find their community and share these values.

We invite all our community members, nature enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, ski and hike fans, and those curious about exploring beautiful rural areas in Switzerland to join and connect on Mapmelon. It's a fantastic platform!

A big thank you to Sole and Ramon for creating this wonderful platform and bringing it to our attention.

Check us out on Mapmelon here and find out more about our upcoming event, First Nomad Fest Switzerland, here.

Don't forget to join us and share your experiences while visiting us to inspire others!

See you there!
Your Coliving.friliingue team

About Mapmelon

mapmelon is the All-in-one app for nomad colivers. Keep track of your friends' plans, discover colivings, ask questions, and share your experiences as a nomad. Find everything you need for your next coliving adventure in one place with mapmelon.

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Sole&Ramon, founders

The founders of Mapmelon are a couple of digital nomads hailing from Spain. Ramon, a passionate software developer who loves fruits and surfing, joined forces with Sole, a creative digital marketer who finds peace in nature and journaling.

Their personal experiences led them to confront the challenge of maintaining contact with friends they made in different colivings. Exhausted by the repetitive task of sending "Where are you now?" messages on WhatsApp, they embarked on a mission to create a new platform.

Their vision? A platform that displays the upcoming plans of your friends, empowering you to prepare meetups and deepen your connections across the globe. And thus, Mapmelon was born.