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5 Reasons to Book a Winter Workation With Coliving Frilingue

5 Reasons to Book a Winter Workation With Coliving Frilingue

A road sign that states Liddes on the left and Chez - Petit Dranse on the right. Behind the sign is the view of snow and mountains.
Did you know that a winter workation allows you to ski by day, party by night and work whenever you’re motivated? You can do all of this – and more! – with Coliving Frilingue’s affordable workations. Let me explain…
In January, I quit my job. The following week, I couldn’t believe my luck (or my life!) as I sat co-working with other digital nomads in a warm cabin that overlooked the Swiss Alps. I bounced ideas off of other freelancers and content creators. We laughed as we chatted about our failings from that morning’s ski lessons. That afternoon, I finished up a quick blog post and headed upstairs to our shared dorm to get ready for that evening’s plans: partying in the famous ski resort of Verbier.
Life couldn’t be better.
Though I can’t promise you this lifestyle full-time, I can tell you all about the amazing experience I had on Coliving Frilingue’s winter workation – and why it’s such a great idea for content creators, digital nomads and freelancers alike. Or, y’know, just someone who wants to try their hand at skiing on a budget.
My workstation with Coliving Frilingue is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Before I delve into why, let’s take a quick look into what a workation actually is…
Disclosure: I was kindly invited on this winter workation and press trip by Coliving Frilingue. All my opinions are entirely honest and based on my own experiences.
The view of the Swiss Alps from Coliving Frilingue's ski hostel.

What Is the Meaning of a Workation?

What does workation mean? A workation basically refers to a vacation that allows time to work – where you combine holiday and leisure time with work hours. In many cases, you get to set your own hours. Even when dedicating just a morning or afternoon to work, you’re often more productive during those hours.
It’s worth noting that a workation is different from a digital nomad lifestyle, as a workation tends to be temporary. But there’s no reason why a digital nomad can’t take a workation – we had plenty on our trip!

Is a Workation a Good Idea?

A workation is an amazing idea for travel bloggers, content creators or even newbie freelancers alike. In fact, workations are even becoming popular for employed people too. It often works out cheaper than a holiday and explore a different way of living. Plus, it can also boost creativity and motivation. A workation (particularly a ski workation!) is absolutely a great idea, no matter what your circumstances are. Here’s why…
Louise posing in front of a snow covered mountain, stepping in fresh snow. She is wearing a light blue ski jacket, dark blue ski trousers and hiking boots. She's also wearing a white hat with a fluffy bobble on top.

Experience an Amazing Work-Life Balance (Ski by Day, Party by Night and Work Whenever the Hell You Want)

With a workstation, you’re not limited to a standard 9-5 way of living – unless of course you enjoy that type of structure and want to adhere to those hours! Workations allow you to experience a really great work-life balance and work as little or as much as you want.
For example: our typical day started with an early breakfast at Ski Hostel, followed by a morning of skiing lessons. We’d then grab lunch at a ski resort, followed by 1-2 more hours skiing, before returning back to the hostel. Once we’d settled back in, we’d work through to dinner, which was usually around 8pm. Then it was time to relax!
This wasn’t set in stone, however. On one of the days, I chose to stay back at the hostel and catch up on work instead. Whilst transport was included to each of the three local ski resorts, the hosts from Coliving Frilingue were super easy. If we wanted to spend just a morning at the closest resort of Vichères-Liddes so that we could get back earlier to work, that was fine. If we wanted to go to a different resort altogether, many guests were happy to sort out travel arrangements together.
With Coliving Frilingue, we had a fantastic schedule set out by the hosts (with all transport arranged), but we had the flexibility to pick and choose what we wanted to do.
What they did arrange, however, was amazing. They offered socials such as an evening at a spa, traditional cheese Fondue and Raclette nights, night skiing and even a winter BBQ.
A flat lay of food served on Coliving Frilingue's ski workation. There are bowls of small pieces of ripped up bread and small gherkins, plus the equipment used to heat fondue cheese.

It’s Super Affordable

Switzerland is known to be expensive but a winter workation with Coliving Frilingue is a great way to save money and go skiing or snowboarding on a budget.
Their workation includes everything you need to work, ski and live – with costs starting at just €250 for two weeks.
Here’s what included:
  • Two weeks accommodation
  • Private room or a shared 2 to 6-bed room
  • Professional coworking space
  • Full-time community manager
  • Local experiences in the Swiss Alps
  • Party nights with ski shots, full moon snow dancing, fireshows and laughs
  • Campfires
You can also book a Saint Bernard Pass (a seasonal ski pass for three local ski resorts) for €90 and you can rent any snowsports equipment for €150 for one week or €250 for two. This is all helpfully arranged by the hosts (who will also get you kitted up with the right equipment) and you simply add on these additional options at the time of booking.
You can also choose to either buy your own food and cook your own meals, cook with other guests or pay extra to eat the half board. When choosing half-board (€350 altogether) this includes themed nights like traditional cheese Fondue and Raclette nights.
As for outside costs: all you really need to pay for outside of the above is any extra food you’d like to buy, drinks on your night out and lunches at the ski resorts. Whilst Switzerland can be pricey, I found this option a really affordable way to experience a ski holiday. I purchased lunch on the resorts a few times, but the food was so delicious and well worth a treat!
A laptop sits on a desk, with the Formidable Joy blog open on the screen. In the background is a snowy landscape, the view from beyond the window.
Three singular ski's belonging to Louise, Rebecca and Samantha are leaned up against a stone wall.

Increase Productivity, Inspiration and Creativity

I’ve already mentioned that this workation offered a really great work-life balance – but what was it really like working there?
In all honestly, I absolutely found myself more productive, despite working fewer hours each day. This was due to a combination of the amazing view, the setting of the hostel and the people I worked with. Being able to do active sports in the morning and get plenty of fresh air left me feeling totally motivated by the time we returned to the hostel. I, of course, always feel more motivated once the morning has passed anyway.
As I mentioned before, being in the same position as everyone else around you is really helpful too. People just get that you might want to have your headphones on when you really want to concentrate, or you might need to make a cuppa whilst discussing ideas. My winter workation did wonders for my motivation – so much so that I’m already planning to take another workation soon.
The Ski Hostel has everything you need to work, including a large common room used for co-working. One end features table tennis, table football and an area to relax, as well as some more quiet areas if you wanted to take a call. At the other end of the room, there’s s a large co-working area with long desks and power sockets and a kitchen you could use as you please (for snacks and tea!). The hostel also has some comfortable sofas in an informal seating area where you could work, read or just chat.
Additionally, our dorm had a small desk in it, in case we wanted total peace and quiet. However, despite there being a large group of people co-working in the main space, it was very easy to just get on with work. Comfortable silences often fell between us all when needed, and of course, there was the added bonus of standing up and only padding a few steps over to the kitchen to make a cuppa.
The view wasn’t all that bad either…
The same view from the ski hostel, another traditional Swiss chalet opposite. Snow is falling outside and there are snowflake stickers stuck to the window, left over from Christmas.
Outside of the ski hostel in Liddes is a heavy blanket of snow with an empty wooden tipi in the foreground.

Meet and Hang Out With Like-Minded People

Whether you’re a full-time digital nomad, part-time content creator or you just need a change of scenery, you’re likely to find someone in the same boat as you. In my case, I was surrounded by other content creators and travel bloggers. I found our mixed group to be a great way to support my working hours in the afternoon. It was so great chatting with other people in the same boat as me, who understood the hard work that goes into running a blog or who could share advice on what social media platforms to invest the most time in right now.
Louise and other content creators and workation guests pose at night in the ski resort of Verbier. They are all dressed in warm clothes, fluffy jumpers and snow boots.
Louise and a group of other skiers pose in the snow, dressed in winter clothes and ski gear. In the foreground, their ski instructor Stefan poses, taking a selfie.
As for the social aspect, there is always something going on. Booking a workation Coliving Frilingue includes social nights such as parties in the hostel, clubbing at Verbier and night skiing. You can also pay for some extra experiences, like a spa visit or a day trip to Aosta in Italy.
I made friends for life on this trip, and I’m really thankful for that. I’ll never forget being tipsy and walking through the streets of Verbier with the snow falling down around me. I felt like I’d just experienced my Chalet Girl moment! It truly was magical.

Work, Stay and Ski in an Amazing Winter Location

Obviously, any summer or winter workation is going to be based in an awesome location. But being able to work in the Swiss Alps is pretty out there!
We stayed at a place called Relais de Dranse, which is in the St Bernard region of Valais. It’s closeby to Liddes, which boasts a community of ten villages. Beautiful mountains surround the chalet/hostel and the nearest village is just a ten-minute walk away. Here we found delicious pizza, a supermarket and a cheese vending machine (yes, I was delighted to spot this!).
The easiest way to travel to Relais de Dranse is to fly into Geneva. From there, you can either take public transport or arrange airport transfers with the hosts.
Though the weather was cold in Switzerland, it was the ideal temperature for active mornings spent doing snow sports and cosy evenings in the chalet. I’ve always felt more productive when wrapped up warm, avoiding the cold weather, so grabbing a cup of tea and settling down to do some work with a view of the mountains was perfect for me.
The chalet was really lovely. It was always warm and super comfortable – to the point that the rule was no shoes allowed in the house and instead we all wore comfy slippers or sliders! I found it all very welcoming – which was perfect for the afternoons I was working in the common room area. Though the dorms were basic, they offered everything we needed, plus a shared bathroom.
A sign that signposts Liddes to the left and Chez - Petit Dranse to the right. Behind the sign is the view of mountains and snow.
Ski Hostel also offers a sauna in the basement! I, unfortunately, didn’t find the time to experience this, but the done thing to do is to spend a half hour in the sauna before running outside and rolling around in the snow to cool down!
Relais de Dranse is also close by to three ski resorts: Vichères-Liddes (about ten minutes away), La Fouly (perfect for beginners) and Champex-Lac (ideal for more experienced snowboarders or skiers).
And if you don’t know how to ski? That’s no problem! I was a complete beginner too – and I loved it! You have the option to book four hours of beginner lessons. You could also forgo snow sports altogether and just enjoy soaking up the stunning views and winter holiday life.
If you’re thinking about booking a winter workation in the future – or just need a change of scenery whilst you work – I’d absolutely recommend booking with Coliving Frilingue. As I mentioned above, it’s really affordable, it offers an amazing balance of work and social aspects and spectacular views!
Coliving Frilingue also offers other workations throughout the year. This includes a summer workation (swap snowsports for hiking, nature and waterfalls!) or an autumn one in Montenegro.
Would you consider taking a workation in your career? How about a winter workation in Switzerland? Let me know – and feel free to ask any questions in the comments!
Disclosure: I was kindly invited on this winter workation and press trip by Coliving Frilingue. All my opinions are entirely honest and based on my own experiences.