Coliving.frilingue operates 5 coliving spaces in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Montenegro, and Bulgaria and hosts an international community of nature-loving digital nomads and remote workers.

Experience our Colivings

All of our spaces are located in the mountains and offer our members the perfect environment to get inspired and be more productive in their professional lives while exploring and enjoying the various exciting activities available in these beautiful destinations.

What You'll Get

  • Accommodation
    The beauty of the Swiss Alps, the Montenegro Coast or Bansko in Bulgaria? Choose your favourite between our five Coliving areas! We feature individual, double and 3 to 4 bed shared rooms in all our spaces.
  • Coworking and Wi-fi
    Spacious well lit Coworking spaces in all locations
    Fast wi-fi connection, fine coffee and tea will always be free and provided. Our spaces feature meeting rooms. Also you'll have printer, projector and white boards available.
  • Community
    Thanks to Coliving you'll always work and be in company of like minded people. Where you can share knowledge in an informal setting.
  • Skill share
    We facilitate knowledge and skill exchanges between the members of our community and our residents,
    via weekly masterminds, skill share workshops and 1 to 1 mentoring sessions.
  • Community cooking
    We cook together in our community kitchen and share meals and flavors from around the world.
    Depending on the season you may find a chef cooking for the coliving spaces.
  • Community Events
    We organize special activities on a regular basis. Workshops, excursions, night skiing and much more!
  • Ski Pass for one year
    Ski for the whole Winter season with the "Pass St. Bernard" in the three ski resorts in our area! Enjoy activities such as stand up and pedal paddle in the nearby lakes in Summer.
    Take the local buses for free and much more.
    All for only 90€ for one year.

    Furthermore: Verbier - 4 Vallées, the third biggest ski area in the world is just 20 minutes away from our place.
  • Excursions
    Our Coliving areas are surrounded by outstanding natural landscapes. Together we explore the Swiss Alps in our free time or work by the sea in Montenegro.
Is Coliving the right fit for you?
    • You're engaged in remote work, either full-time or part-time, or you freelance or run your own business.
    • You have a passion for exploring, traveling, and connecting with diverse individuals.
    • You're responsible, understanding the importance of shared spaces and tidying up after yourself.
    • You love the mountains and the great outdoors.
    • Naturally, you'll treat our property, surroundings, and fellow guests with respect.
    • You're eager to impart knowledge, share experiences, and radiate positive vibes within our community.
    • In Coliving and many communities, it's vital to contribute before receiving. When in doubt, be generous.
    • You're seeking a vacation where all your needs are catered to and messes are cleaned up for you.
    • Your primary goal is to reside in a ski area, but most are out of your budget.
    • Mountains and the outdoors aren't your thing.
    • You have no intention of mingling or adding value to the community.
    • Your sole interest is how the place will look on Instagram.
    • Living without a TV is a dealbreaker for you.
    • You struggle with accepting people who differ from you.

Our Coliving Spaces

Discover our Coliving spaces located in Switzerland and Montenegro.

Things you can do in our Colivings
We work hard every day - but we also enjoy live at its best!
Thermal Baths
Community cooking
Via Ferrata (in Braunwald) & Climbing

Ski mountaineering
Mountain Bike & Monster Trotinette

How does winter look like in Liddes?

What do we offer in summer?

Our Coliving spaces in a short movie

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