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3 Crazy Cheap Ski Resorts in Switzerland

3 Crazy Cheap Ski Resorts in Switzerland

3 Crazy Cheap Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Last Updated January 31, 2023|0 Comments|Switzerland
Most people think Switzerland is crazy expensive and that there are no cheap ski resorts in Switzerland. Let’s just say that’s not completely true… Of course, Verbier and Zermatt (Toblerone) are some of the most expensive ski resorts in Switzerland which makes sense since Verbier was just nominated the best ski resort in the World.
But skiing in Switzerland doesn’t have to be expensive! In the southwest corner of the country, close to both France and Italy, there’s an area where you can buy a season ski pass to 3 ski resorts for 139 Swiss Francs ($160). It’s not a joke (!) and the ski resorts are actually really good!
The Saint Bernard Pass gives you access to 3 ski resorts: Vichères-Liddes, La Fouly, and Champex-Lax. All for only 139 Swiss Franc for the whole season. Well, actually for the whole year since the ski pass also works in the summer months for hiking and public transport in the local area!
It’s crazy to think that it cost so little but now people can’t say there are no cheap ski resorts in Switzerland because there are! They are more local and small but we actually really enjoyed all 3 of the ski resorts. Want to learn more? Then keep reading!
Disclosure: This post has been created in collaboration with Coliving.frilingue. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on our personal opinions and experiences.

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Table of Contents

3 crazy cheap ski resorts in Switzerland

All 3 of these resorts are between 10-40 minutes from Liddes and the ski and coliving accommodations we recommend (more on this below). If you’re on a holiday or planning on a workcation to Switzerland, all three resorts are close enough that you can go every day.
For us, that was the best part. We could work in the morning, ski in the afternoon, and come back after skiing and still have time to get work done or just hang out with the other people at our accommodation.
Since the ski pass is so affordable you can justify just going for 2-3 hours on any given day a bit easier than if you had paid for a season pass at say Verbier or Zermatt (where a day pass basically costs the same as a season pass in Liddes).
So thank you Switzerland for having some amazing cheap ski resorts. Good ones too!

#1 Vichères-Liddes Ski Resort

Vichères-Liddes Ski Resort is the closest one to Liddes and the coliving. From the accommodation, it’s roughly a 10-15 minute drive depending on the road conditions (Google Maps says 7 minutes but for us, it took a bit longer). It’s the perfect place to go for an afternoon ski during your lunch break or if you’re just looking to stay close to home.
Vichères has a nice variety of ski runs from blues that zig-zag down the mountain to red slopes where you can find amazing powder after a snowfall. This ski resort isn’t amazing for beginners but if you have a bit of experience you will love most of the runs at Vichères.
One of the best things about Vichères too is the views from the top. Wherever you are up on the mountain you have incredible views of the mountain ranges all around you (see the pictures above). There’s even a little restaurant up top where you can grab a beer or hot chocolate and enjoy the views of the Swiss Alps. It’s on a blue run too, so anyone can access it 😉

#2 La Fouly Ski Resort

La Fouly is the second ski resort included in the Saint Bernard Ski Pass and it’s perfect for beginners. There’s a T-light right at the foot of the ski resort that takes you up to the start of a really fun blue (beginner) run. It’s a great starting point for anyone beginning to learn skiing or snowboarding.
La Fouly also has Wednesday night skiing and even though the night skiing is only on the blue run it was such a fun experience even for someone who is a little more advanced!
Besides the one blue run, La Fouly also has a few red and black runs plus a few places you can go off-piste and into the fresh Swiss Alps powder. For being one of the cheap ski resorts in Switzerland it really has a lot to offer.
At the bottom of the hill, there’s a nice cozy restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat, a delicious hot chocolate (it’s so good), or a cold beer after skiing. A fun fact about this place is that a lot of the people who do the Tour du Mont Blanc Hike stop by La Fouly and enjoy some food at the restaurant!

#3 Champex-Lac Ski Resort

Champex-Lac is the last ski resort that is included in the Saint Bernard Pass and this is a slightly more advanced ski resort. There is one really nice blue run that zig-zags from one side to the other side of the mountain which is really fun. It does, however, have a few flat parts that aren’t great for snowboarders or beginner skiers who don’t have poles.
The rest of the mountain is mostly red runs with a few blacks and then a few trails that go off-piste. It is roughly a 25-30 minute drive from Liddes when the roads are in good condition. So if you plan to go ski at Champex-Lac you might want to plan a full day there to make the most out of it.
At the very top of Champex-Lac, there’s a restaurant where you can grab a snack and enjoy the views of all the mountain tops around. The views truly are incredible from up there! On a clear day, you can get a really good feel for the Swiss Alps and how extreme they are.
Now that you’ve learned about the three resorts, let’s talk about how you get the annual pass!

Ski Pass Saint Bernard

Jo and some of the lovely people we went skiing with in Liddes
The Saint Bernard Ski pass has to be one of the most underrated ski passes in Switzerland. Most people who travel to ski in Switzerland will never know about it because it’s in a quieter and more local part of Switzerland in the southwest corner.
If you already think it’s cheap at 139 Swiss Franc you can get it even cheaper through the Ski Hostel / Coliving in Liddes if you end up staying there!
It’s crazy the amount of stuff you get access to with the Ski Pass Saint Bernard. Not only do you get access to the 3 ski hills during the winter – you can also use the pass during the summer for hiking. Plus you also get access to public transport, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and discounts on a bunch of other things.
You can read all about the Saint Bernard Pass here. You can find all the different activities included in the pass along with more information on the ski hills and the area of Switzerland where all of this is included.
If you plan to go on a workcation or even co-live in Switzerland for a while we highly recommend staying at Coliving Frilingue offers some special deals and you can get the pass for even cheaper than the 139 Swiss Franc. Switzerland can be affordable. You just need to look in the right places and find the more local and less touristy parts of the country!

Cheap accommodation at Ski Hostel / Coliving Liddes

The Coliving Ski Hostel in Liddes is the perfect place to stay for access to the 3 ski resorts mentioned in this post. We recently stayed here and had an absolute blast! We met some incredible people, enjoyed the good skiing, and had so much fun at all the different activities arranged by the owners, Philip and Stefan, and by the other travellers here.
If you stay here, you’ll be able to get a package deal that contains accommodation, ski gear, and the Ski Pass Saint Bernard.
Vehicles run every day from the place in Liddes and there’s always a way to get up and down from the mountain. The ski pass also included free access to the local bus that takes you up and down from Vichères Ski Resort.
The best part of this coliving in Liddes is that it is very affordable since all the rooms are shared rooms with bunk beds. We highly recommend this place if you only plan to stay for a few weeks or looking for cheap accommodation while you ski in Switzerland.
If you’re coming for a longer period of time while working remotely, we suggest you take a look at the Coliving at Bourg St Pierre which you can read more about below.

Coliving at Bourg St Pierre

One thing we can highly recommend if you want to spend more time in Switzerland and truly enjoy a full season in the mountains is to spend some time at Coliving at Petit Velen in Bourg St Pierre.
It’s a former restaurant/hotel that has been converted into a coliving and it’s perfect if you want to spend a few months or even a full winter in Switzerland. Most of the digital nomads and remote workers who stay in Petit Velen spend at least a month coliving at Petit Velen.
It’s a great way to make new ski buddy friends. At the same time you can get work done all while enjoying the beauty of Switzerland. There’s also a community manager on-site, so there’s always someone to help set up fun events, group dinners, and someone you can go to with any questions you may have during your stay.
​​Through Coliving Frilingue (the company that runs Petit Velan), you can get some discounts on the ski pass. From the coliving, there are also vehicles that make daily trips to the ski resorts. By staying at Petit Velan Coliving you get connected to the whole community of skiers and digital nomads in the area.

Other related questions about cheap ski resorts in Switzerland

A group selfie out on the slopes at Vicheres-Liddes ski resort

How do I ski in Switzerland on a budget?

One of the best ways to ski in Switzerland on a budget is to get a ski pass at a more local ski resort. The Saint Bernard Ski Pass gives you access to 3 ski resorts for a full season and only costs 139 Swiss Francs.
Another way to ski in Switzerland on a budget is to volunteer and help out at a ski cabin. That way you get food and accommodation for free in exchange for hours volunteered. This will cut down your expenses and make your ski experience in Switzerland quite affordable.

How much does skiing in Switzerland cost?

Prices for skiing in Switzerland vary quite a bit. Resorts like Verbier and Zermatt charge around 80 Swiss Francs for an adult day pass whereas smaller and more local resorts like Vichères-Liddes and La Fouly charge about 30-40 Swiss Francs for a day pass.
Of course, if you’re staying for a longer period of time, it is very likely cheaper to buy a season pass which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Skiing in Switzerland doesn’t have to be expensive if you do some research and find more local ski resorts.

Where is the most affordable ski resort in Switzerland?

Some of the most affordable ski resorts in Switzerland are the ones connected to the Saint Bernard Ski Pass. For 139 Swiss Francs, you get a 1-year ski pass to all three resorts. The ski pass also works in the summer for hiking.

How can I stay cheap at ski resorts?

One of the best ways to stay at a ski resort for cheap is to volunteer or community manage. There are many different opportunities to live and stay for free at ski resorts up in the mountains. You can use sites like WorldPackers, WorkAway, and VolunteerWorld to find volunteer positions.

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Recap of 3 of the cheapest ski resorts in Switzerland

We hope we’ve inspired you to visit these 3 of the cheapest ski resorts in Switzerland! We absolutely love the Liddes area and the coliving because of how close it is to the 3 ski resorts.
It’s also in a quieter part of Switzerland which means it’s a lot less touristy than other parts which we really enjoy. During the week, the ski slopes are super quiet with mostly locals up there. It’s really peaceful having most of the runs to yourself and never feeling too crowded while riding down the slopes.
If you have any questions about buying the Saint Bernard Ski Pass, staying at the coliving, or anything related to cheap ski resorts in Switzerland, feel free to message us. You can either DM us on Instagram or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Enjoy skiing in Switzerland and we hope you get a chance to spend time in the Liddes area either at the Ski Hostel or Coliving Bourg Saint Pierre!

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