Young talent
Escape to nature, collaborate with fellow freedom seekers and entrepreneurs, and apply your skills to make a real difference in our projects. In return for just 25 hours of work per week and a one-month minimum stay, enjoy free food, lodging, and a seasonal pass or ski pass.
Minimum stay 1 month
About Young Talent
Are you a nature lover with talent, motivation, and a desire to make a difference?
Join our community at Coliving.frilingue and contribute to exciting projects like marketing, promotion, social media, web design, interior design and much more. Connect with a multicultural community of like-minded people and enjoy an unforgettable skiing experience or summer hiking adventure in the stunning Swiss Alps or Montenegrin Coasts.
What You'll Get
With just 25 hours/week investment in counterparty, you'll get food, accommodation, a seasonal pass or ski pass, and the chance to build valuable skills and lasting connections. Don't miss this opportunity to unwind in nature, create, and invest in your future!
  • You bring
    You have both talent and knowledge in the following areas:

    • Instagram, social media, and paid ads (Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn)
    • Graphic design, IT, and SEO
    Web design:
    • Coding, design, and SEO
    Construction & Interior Design
    • Working with wood, painting, and artistic painting
    Here are the requirements for the position:
    • Possess some of the skills mentioned above
    • Open-minded, responsible, motivated, and adventurous
    • Enjoy co-living and interacting with people
    • Fluency in English is required
    • Able to work part-time for 25 hours per week
    • Able to commit and stay for minimum one month at our location
    • We offer
      Interesting tasks based on current projects, as well as your skills, and personal interests.

      As part of the position, we offer the following benefits:
      • Food and accommodation (shared or private, depending on availability)
      • Ski pass during winter months, as well as ski gear
      • Summer pass during the summer season
      • Opportunity to meet fun and interesting people while enjoying the beautiful countryside
    • Together
      If you excel in your role, we may offer you the opportunity to continue collaborating with us after your stay.

      The hourly rate for the position ranges from 12 to 18 Euro per hour, depending on experience and qualifications.
    • Your contribution to the community
      By contributing your skills and ideas, you will help to enhance the co-living experience for our community. We welcome new perspectives and fresh ideas, enabling us to continuously improve, challenge the status quo, and evolve our concept further.

      Moreover, if you have any hobbies or special talents, we encourage you to share them with others. Whether it's teaching tango, yoga, cooking, theater, music, skiing, ski touring, piano, social media, or anything else you're passionate about, we believe in fostering an environment where everyone can grow and learn from each other.