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Philipp Alexander Weber
co-founder Coliving.frilingue, founder, co-founder
Phone: +41763949795
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As you can see in the photos below, we also organize language camps for young people with
  • Stefan Stolwijk
    co-founder Ski hostel, co-founder coliving.frilingue
    Hostel Manager
  • Philipp Alexander Weber
    co-founder frilingue, co-founder coliving.frilingue,
    co-founder Ski hostel
  • Scott Kellet
    co-founder Ski hostel
    Social Media
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language learning, skiing, hiking, yoga, disco, cook great food, hotel, hostel, theater, first love, travelling, camp fire, apr├Ęs-ski, yoga, graffiti, football, sleeping in a mountain hut, discover Switzerland, karaoke, eat raclette, family dinner, powdering, coding, surfing, irtag, create a newspaper, travel to Cuba, learn mathematics, artcamp, horse riding, comic drawing ...
Language Camps for kids
Family hostel
we bring families together
Ski hostel
7 nights with half board, ski pass, beginners lessons and transfers for 750 Euro
hostel, hotel, group accommodations
we have several spaces. if you would like to do something in one of our places, don't hesitate to contact us!
our community. were everything begins.
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Photo by Jacob
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Photo by Jacob
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