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Community Manager: Stefan Stolwijk
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Community Manager: Eleanor
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Community Manager: Patricia
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Our Story
In the picturesque Swiss village of Liddes, where snow-capped mountains embrace the horizon, the story of Coliving.frilingue began. It was the end of 2018 when Stefan, an intrepid traveler with a passion for exploring diverse cultures and landscapes, arrived as an English teacher at a ski camp operated by www.frilingue.ch. Drawn by the allure of the Swiss Alps, what was intended as a brief sojourn became a permanent stay, marking the beginning of an extraordinary venture.

Pele, the visionary behind the language camps, had been nurturing young minds since 2007 in Fribourg, Switzerland. His journey was one of innovation and perseverance, expanding from pioneering language camps to acquiring properties to host these immersive experiences. His endeavors weren't just businesses; they were a testament to his passion for education and cultural exchange.

Both Stefan and Pele shared more than just an entrepreneurial spirit; they were souls captivated by the majesty of the mountains, the thrill of skiing and hiking, and the rich tapestry of alternative cultures. Their lives were narratives of adventure, from Pele's experiences as a ski instructor to Stefan's leadership in the Swiss hitchhiking championship. They both cherished the essence of community living, volunteering, and the belief in a shared life enriched by diverse experiences.

The pandemic, a period of global solitude, became an unexpected catalyst for their community. With people seeking refuge in the serene Swiss mountains, Coliving.frilingue's locations became sanctuaries for those longing for connection and shared experiences. This period solidified their vision of a community that thrives on mutual support and shared passions.

2023 marked a year of significant milestones for Coliving.frilingue. They hosted their first ski workation, followed by an art workation in Braunwald, where creativity painted the essence of their coliving space. Stefan extended their vision to Montenegro, refurbishing a coliving space in Herceg Novi with a vibrant community. The year also saw the inception of the Swiss Nomad Fest, gathering over 80 participants in a celebration of nomadic living.

A groundbreaking moment came in February 2023 with the launch of Europe's first crowdfunding coliving initiative. This venture wasn't just about creating spaces; it was about sharing ownership, a testament to their belief in community and shared dreams. By the end of the year, their vision expanded globally with the purchase of Banko Nomad Fest, setting the stage for the world's largest gathering of nomads.

Coliving.frilingue's journey is more than the growth of a venture; it's a narrative of community, innovation, and the unyielding spirit of two individuals who believed in the power of shared experiences. Their story continues to inspire, inviting more people to become part of a global family that cherishes the beauty of the world and the warmth of togetherness.
Our companies, Our passions
We're more than a Coliving. Our collection of companies aligns with diverse passions to offer something for everyone. From language learning with frilingue to teaching skiing with Ski.Hostel, we provide a wide range of experiences to explore the Swiss Alps and unwind in nature.

For digital nomads, we offer affordable stays with great amenities and stunning mountain views. Families can enjoy our accommodations and exciting activities for lasting memories. We cater to individuals, sports enthusiasts, schools, and more, with customized group hosting options. Our commitment is accessible stays in nature's embrace. Whether you seek adventure, language learning, or a family retreat, we've got you covered.
Budget-friendly Language, Sport, and Art Camps for Young Adults Year-Round in Liddes, Schwarzsee, Braunwald, and More - Over 15 Years of Experience.
Creating Unforgettable Family Moments.
Stefan and Philipp are Co-owners
Hostel, Hotel, Group accommodations
We offer several breathtaking spaces in the Swiss Alps, perfect for schools, group travel, hosting a retreat, or organizing an event in nature.
Philipp is Co-owner
Philipp is Co-owner
Affordable and flexible Pop-Up Coliving Spaces in the Swiss Alps and Montenegrin Coasts for Remote Workers, Digital Nomads, and Nature Enthusiasts.
Winter Escape: 7 Nights with Half Board, Ski Pass, Airport and Shuttle Transfers for €950