Stay & Help
Escape to nature, collaborate with fellow freedom seekers and entrepreneurs, and earn your free stay while contributing to a greater coliving experience in the Swiss Alps or Montenegrin Coasts.
About Volunteering at Coliving.frilingue
At Coliving.Frilingue, we believe that everyone has unique abilities that can enrich our community.

We provide a space for individuals, whether you're a recent graduate, a passionate traveler, taking a career break or seeking a career change, to express your skills and interests without the pressure of a nine-to-five job through our volunteer program.

Join us to co-create a diverse, skillful, and connected coliving experience. We've collaborated with many volunteers on various projects, some of whom have become workers or partners today.

Let's collaborate and create an exceptional coliving experience together!
How to earn your stay
Join our team and become the heart of our community, making guests feel at home while gaining valuable experience in hospitality, event planning, social media and more!
Stay a minimum of 3 months, work 25 hours per week, and receive
complimentary food, lodging, and a ski pass (incl. gears) in winter or summer pass!
Unlock your potential, gain valuable experience, and broaden your portfolio - all while contributing to exciting projects within our coliving community at Coliving.frilingue!
Stay a minimum of 1 month, work 25 hours per week, and receive
complimentary food, lodging, and a ski pass in winter or summer pass!
Join our team as the ultimate hospitality pro, supporting our community manager and mastering hosting, housekeeping, and social media skills, all in one!
Stay a minimum of 1 month, work 25 hours per week, and receive
complimentary food, lodging, and a ski pass (incl. gears) in winter or summer pass!
Experience the ultimate coliving adventure, connect with like-minded individuals, and share your journey through captivating content on our/your channels, inspiring others to embark on their own journey!
You'll get comfortable accommodation, a ski pass incl. gear, ski lessons, beautiful countryside, fun company, and free access to our facilities including coworking spaces and coffee!
Seeking a new career challenge?
Discover remote job opportunities with us and our partners in Switzerland. Help bring our vision to life at Coliving.frilingue or inspire and teach younger adults at Frilingue Language Camps.
Volunteering in a community can help you develop a wide range of skillsets, both soft and hard skills.
1. **Interpersonal Skills** ????
- **Empathy:** ???? Understanding and sharing the feelings of another.
- **Communication:** ????️ Engaging effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.
- **Teamwork:** ???? Working cooperatively with others to achieve common goals.
- **Conflict Resolution:** ⚖️ Managing and resolving disagreements in a constructive manner.

2. **Leadership Skills** ????️
- **Project Management:** ???? Overseeing projects and ensuring they meet desired outcomes.
- **Problem-Solving:** ???? Identifying challenges and finding appropriate solutions.
- **Decision Making:** ✅ Making choices based on analysis and judgment.

3. **Organizational Skills** ????️
- **Time Management:** ⏳ Efficiently allocating time to various tasks and responsibilities.
- **Event Planning:** ???? Organizing and coordinating events or activities for the community.
- **Resource Management:** ???? Effectively using available resources to achieve objectives.

4. **Cultural Awareness** ????
- **Diversity and Inclusion:** ???? Recognizing and valuing differences in others.
- **Global Perspective:** ???? Understanding and appreciating different cultures and viewpoints.

5. **Technical Skills** ????
Depending on the nature of the volunteer work:
- First Aid and CPR ????
- Construction or hands-on repair skills ????
- Teaching or tutoring capabilities ????
- Skills in specific software or tools ????

6. **Self-awareness and Personal Growth** ????
- **Adaptability:** ???? Adjusting to new environments and challenges.
- **Resilience:** ???? Overcoming setbacks and continuing to push forward.
- **Initiative:** ???? Taking action without being prompted.
- **Self-motivation:** ???? Driving yourself to achieve without external push.

7. **Networking** ????️
- **Relationship Building:** ❤️ Creating and maintaining connections with diverse groups of people.
- **Community Engagement:** ????️ Actively participating in community activities and understanding local needs.

8. **Professional Skills** ????
- **Public Speaking:** ???? Addressing groups of people effectively.
- **Customer Service:** ☎️ Assisting and providing solutions to members of the community.
- **Fundraising:** ???? Raising money for charitable or community causes.

9. **Moral and Ethical Development** ⭐
- **Integrity:** ????️ Adhering to moral and ethical principles.
- **Social Responsibility:** ???? Recognizing one's responsibilities to society and acting upon them.

10. **Financial Skills** ????
- **Budgeting:** ???? Managing finances to ensure sustainability for community projects.

Many of these skills are transferable, meaning they can be applied in various settings, including the workplace, school, or personal life. Moreover, the experience of volunteering itself can provide a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment, enhancing one's overall well-being and perspective on life.