Region Saint Bernard
Coliving Relais de Dranse & Coliving Petit Velan

With 3 ski resorts in winter, countless touring ski options, endless possibilities in summer for people who love the mountains, the proximity to Italy and a great international community, you will certainly never be bored with us.
Our pass is unique in Switzerland!
For 80 Euro per year you get a season pass for 3 ski resorts and countless activities in summer.

The summer pass costs 29 Euro
Our pass is unique in Switzerland!
For 80 Euro per year you get a season pass for 3 ski resorts and countless activities in summer.

3 Ski resorts + Verbier

45 kilometers of ski slopes are not enough for you? Then it should be 412 kilometers!

3 ski areas, which are included in the st. bernard pass


The 550 km of marked trails in the Pays du St. Bernard offers an amazing range of hiking possibilities for all levels. From cozy themed trails for the whole family or large, multi-day treks, you'll definitely find something suitable!

Find more information here.

High Ropes Course

Beginners or experienced tree climbers can get a whole series of adrenaline kicks on our high wire path! The high ropes course of La Fouly now includes 3 tracks with 40 obstacles,10 of which are Tyroliennes. You can enjoy this course alone, in a group, or with the whole family.

You can find more information here.

Zip line

TeleLaFouly-ChampexLac offers you two new zip lines at the mountain station of the chairlift La Breya at 2200 m above sea level. M.! At 540 and 520 meters, together they create the longest zip line in western Switzerland!

You can find more information here.

Mountain Bike

Are you looking for an adventure? Is walking too boring for you? Then you'll have a lot of fun on the 150 kilometers of mountain bike trails! From beginners to advanced levels, you'll find tracks ranging from 40 minute to 4 hour rides.

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Off-road Scooter

Take the chair lift up and treat yourself to an unforgettable descent on a scooter in the beautiful nature!

You can find more information here.


With more than 40 climbing gardens in 4 zones - Grand-St-Bernard, Orny / Trent, d'Entremont and Val Ferret - this region is a real paradise for climbers. Beginners can gain their first experiences on an outdoor climbing wall in La Fouly.

For more information contact the Tourist Office in Liddes.


In Liddes:

Restaurant Grand St. Bernhard

Cozy restaurant with varied cuisine and regional dishes.

About 10 minutes walk from the Coliving - Relais de Dranse.

In Bourg Saint Pierre:

Au Bivouac de Napoléon

This restaurant offers seasonal dishes that will make your mouth water. Or perhaps you'd prefer something from the grill?

About 10 minutes by car from the Coliving - Relais de Dranse and a 5 minutes walk from Coliving - Petit Velan.

Find more information here.

Hôtel du Crêt

Discovering Valais is a nice thing, especially if it's presented so nicely on your plate - let this charming restaurant show you all about the regional food!

About 8 minutes by car from the Coliving - Relais de Dranse and a 5 minutes walk from the Coliving - Petit Velan.

Auberge des Charmettes

Once again, you are spoiled with options and have to choose between the various Valaisian delicacies...or you just keep coming back and work your way through the entire menu!

About 8 minutes by car from the Coliving - Relais de Dranse and a 2 minutes walk from the Coliving - Petit Velan.
In Orsières:

Restaurant Les Alpes

Surprise your taste buds with original creations such as the gazpacho sorbet and enjoy high quality food in a tasteful environment!

About 10 minutes by car from the Coliving - Relais de Dranse

Hospice on the Great Saint Bernard

The nearly 1000 year old hospice is probably the most famous cultural monument in the region. Visit the famous St. Bernard dogs, which also serve as valuable helpers in mountain rescue operations, and travel to the nearby museum to learn about its unique treasures from the past. The hospice should provide protection and peace and will enchant you with its legendary hospitality.

You can find more information here.

Distance from Liddes: 23 min by car / 5.5 hours by foot
Distance from Bourg St Pierre: 15 min by car / 3.5 hours by foot


Not far from Liddes is the small town of Martigny. Nestled in a rhone bend, between vineyards and orchards, the place is considered to be the most dynamic city in Valais. History lovers also get their money's worth here: Numerous Roman ruins, including an amphitheater, can be found. Whether you just want to go for a coffee or go shopping - a visit to Martigny is definitely worth it!

More information about Martigny and its attractions can be found here.

Distance from Liddes: 28min

Barryland - The Museum of St. Bernard Dogs

The Barryland - Musée et Chiens du Saint-Bernard is a museum in Martigny devoted to the history and breeding of the St. Bernards. Located in the former arsenal next to the Roman Amphitheater, this lively museum is the meeting center that brings visitors together with the legendary St. Bernard dogs from the Great St. Bernard.

More information about Barryland and its dogs can be found here.

Distance from Liddes: 26min

Fondation Gianadda

Art gallery, Gallo-Roman museum, museum for vintage cars, sculpture park, an old arsenal, tepidarium, concert venue; all this and more can be found in one spot in Martigny. The Fondation Gianadda is definitely worth a visit.

Further information can be found here.

Distance from Liddes: about 28min

Roman Amphitheater

The amphitheater was built at the beginning of the 2nd century in the Roman city of Claudii Vallensium (today Martigny), which was a sign of the prosperity of the then Roman town. The construction probably took place under the rule of the Roman emperor Trajan. It is a small amphitheater that could accommodate up to 5,000 people. Today it is still used for various events such as the OpenAir Cinema, Ring Cow fight, performances etc.

Further information about the Roman experience can be found here.

Distance from Liddes: 27min


The village of Verbier, built in the typical Valaisian mountain style, is situated on a plateau above the Val de Bagnes and offers a wide range of accommodation for people of all ages. Verbier is home to the winter sport Mecca, also known by the name "4 Vallées". When it comes to summer tourism, Verbier offers 500 miles of hiking trails, 826 kilometers of mountain bike trails, super thermals for paragliders, and two golf courses.

More information about Verbier and its many offers can be found here.

Distance from Liddes: 32min

Dam Les Toules

The Les Toules Dam is located in the Val d'Entremont. The water in the reservoir comes from the Dranse d'Entremont, from the three reservoirs of Allènes, Croix and Valsorey and nine glaciers. Les Toules is the first vaulted wall in Switzerland.

On the dam of Les Toules, near Bourg-St-Pierre, you can get the ultimate adrenalin kick:

You drop into a void (or rather a rope) lying in a delta-controller harness and you can even regulate the fall speed yourself. A guide that secures you from below ensures a safe landing in the depths.

You can find more information here.

Distance from Liddes: 11 min

Alpine Botanical Gardens

Flowers over flowers! Discover the extensive alpine gardens in Champex-Lac and Bourg-St-Pierre. Here you can expect more than four thousand plant species, from the region and from all over the world!

Open from May to October.

More information about the surrounding botanical gardens can be found at the following links:

Flore-Alp in Champex-Lac and La Linnaea in Bourg-St-Pierre.

Distance Flore-Alpe from Liddes: 30 min

Distance La Linnaea from Liddes: 10 min

Durnand Gorge

The Durnand Gorge offers a unique backdrop that will take your breath away. Wooden walkways and stairs tower over the 14 waterfalls of the torrent, which will take you on an unforgettable journey.

The Durnand Gorge is about 1 km long and extends between the mountains Pointe Ronde and Catogne of the municipality Bovernier at 613 meters altitude. The gorge has been open to walkers since 1877.

You can find more information here.

Distance from Liddes: approx. 24 min

Escape World - not for the faint hearted!

A unique adventure awaits you in Vernayaz: In groups of 2 to 5 people, immerse yourself in the world of an old military fort and let your imagination guide you. Observe the surroundings using only a torchlight - while discovering clues, decode mechanisms and strengthening your team spirit. Your challenge: You have to reach the last chest in only 75 minutes and open it...

Dare to find out what's inside? Further information for this unforgettable experience can be found here.

Distance from Liddes: 33min

Evionnaz - Naturelabyrinth

Exciting games, obstacles and mysterious treasures await brave visitors in the world's largest natural labyrinth. And on the other side is a playground that is second to none, with giant slides, trampolines, a climbing wall, mini golf and much more.

More information about the labyrinth can be found here.

Distance from Liddes: 39min

VerticAlp Emosson

Take the train up to dizzying heights, enjoy the breathtaking views of Mont Blanc, the surrounding valleys and the second largest artificial lake in Switzerland, or discover the incomparable nature; all this and more can be experienced with VerticAlp Emosson. Here you will find numerous hiking opportunities, a unique canyoning experience, or even the opportunity to see prehistoric dinosaur tracks!

Open from May to October.

More information and videos about this unforgettable experience can be found here.

Distance from Liddes: 49min

Laser Tag Villeneuve

Need some action? Find your way in the dark, cross obstacles and compete against others at the laser tag. Fun is inevitable!

You can find more information about this unique pleasure here.

Distance from Liddes: about 51min

Chaplin's World

Meet Charlie Chaplin; privately and professionally, well, almost at least! The Charlie Chaplin Museum brings you closer than ever to the silent movie artist! The Manoir gives you a glimpse of his family life, while in the studio you'll discover the cult strips that have made the British actor and filmmaker so well-known. The whole thing is completed with a beautiful garden with great views.

Well, curious? More information about the Museum of the Legend can be found here.

Distance from Liddes: about 1h


The Aquaparc is an amusement park for the whole family with a variety of water activities: games, relaxation and many adrenaline rushes that make for an unforgettable day!

Distance from Liddes: 1h

You can find more information about swimming here.

and much more...

Need more nature? Take a look at the home of many rare plant and animal species in the protected swamp of Champex-Lac. Would you like more culture? In addition to the well-known mill of Valsorey and several artillery fortifications in the area, here you can also expect numerous churches and chapels, as well as a parish museum. You won't get bored!


2 grocery stores in Liddes
1 kiosk in Bourg St. Pierre

bigger shops in Sembrancher (15 min by car)
Migros / Coop (2 Swiss super markets)

in Martigny (30 min by car) you will find all kinds of shops

Spa - Au Bivouac de Napoléon

The spa at Au Bivouac Napoléon, which is closest to the Relais de Dranse, offers a jacuzzi, sauna, hammam and massage. And the mountain chalet-style relaxation room is a great place to unwind after a long day on the slopes.

More infos: Link.

Distance from the Coliving - Relais de Dranse : approx. 5 min (by car)
Distance from the Coliving - Petit Velan : 5 min (by foot)

The baths of Lavey

The Baths of Lavey pamper you with sauna, massages, and indoor and outdoor baths. The natural surroundings, the magnificent view of the mountains and the lighting give the facilities a fairytale feel. Let yourself be enchanted!

For more information on this magical experience, click here: Link.

Distance from Liddes: 37 minutes

The thermal baths of Saillon

Whether in the thermal pool, the 25-metre pool, the thermal river, the Carpe Diem and spa area, or else in the well-being cabins with sauna and hammam: nothing but relaxation and well-being counts here. For the children, there are also paddling pools and a water slide.

You can find more information about this joy here: Link.

Distance from Liddes: 39 minutes

Thermes Parc - Les Bains du Val d'Illiez

The Val d'Illiez Thermal Park was opened in 2009. It covers 110,000 m2 and offers a thermal centre for fun and games, body care, outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, massages and a medical centre. The Val d'Illiez thermal baths are fed by three natural springs whose waters bubble up from the earth at a temperature of between 20 - 32°C.

Distance from Liddes: approx. 1h

More information about the bathing fun can be found here: Link

...paragliding, Vitaparcours, outdoor pool, ...

Paragliding: Pure adrenaline - enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Pays du Saint Bernard during a tandem flight: Link

Vitaparcours: On the posts of the 3 km long Vita-Parcours of Liddes above the Usine de Pallazuit you can get rid of your surplus energy in a beautiful landscape: link.

Indoor swimming pool: Time to relax - the indoor swimming pool in Bourg St. Pierre, heated to a pleasant 29°C, is the perfect place to unwind: link.

Outdoor pool: The lake is too cold for you? Then enjoy the outdoor pool in Champex-Lac, heated to 27°C. You can also enjoy yourself on the badminton court, the table tennis table, the petanque court or the slackline. You can also take part in public swimming lessons and enjoy the food and drink on offer at the kiosk. You can find more information here: link.

Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, heli-skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, tobogganing, ice climbing, paragliding, going to the indoor swimming pool in Bourg-St-Pierre, ...or simply drinking a hot chocolate in the chalet - there are numerous ways to enjoy the snow-covered landscape around the "Relais de Dranse". And with the Saint-Bernard Pass, you can expect numerous discounts or free entries.

The ski resorts in Saint Bernard

Vichères-Liddes, La Fouly, Champex-Lac and Bourg-St-Pierre

The skiing areas in the immediate vicinity of the Coliving - Relais de Dranse and the Coliving -Petit Velan offer a total of more than 50 km of piste and almost 700 m of difference in altitude and offer something for all winter sports enthusiasts: here, freeriders can let off steam while beginners dare to make their first turns. At the same time, various ski schools provide their services. And all this in a protected landscape!

You can find more information about the ski areas here: link.

For the advanced skiers, freeriders, moguls...

4 Vallées ski area

Within a 20-minute drive, you can reach the largest ski area located entirely in Switzerland: Verbier - 4 Vallées ("4 Valleys"). A total of 412 km of pistes - accessed by 92 ski lifts - guarantee plenty of variety and great views. And after all the excitement, our cosy chalet offers you the perfect place to relax.

Further information about the 4 Vallées can be found here: link.

Distance from Liddes to the bottom station in Le Châble: 20 min

Please note: This ski area is not included in the St. Bernhard Pass.

...for those who like something quieter...

Discovering the surroundings in a sporty way: Would you rather go cross-country skiing through the winter fairytale world on the various cross-country trails in the region - in Champex-Lac, La Fouly and Liddes? Or would you rather go snowshoeing on the numerous hiking trails criss-crossing the area?

Those who have always wanted to skate freely on a frozen lake can also fulfil this dream here, given the right conditions. But you can definitely put your skates to use on the open-air artificial ice rink - and it's free.

In addition, the 7km-long toboggan run in Champex-Lac with a total difference in altitude of 700m will delight young and old alike. And the swimming pool in Bourg-St-Pierre - heated to a pleasant 29°C - is a hit whatever the weather.

......and for those in search of adrenaline

You don't want to miss out on climbing in winter? Try your hand at natural or artificial icefalls and conquer the 16-metre-high ice pyramid in Champex-Lac.

Ski mountaineers are not left out either: whether you prefer an easier climb, such as the one to the famous Hospice of the Great St. Bernard, or something more challenging, such as the routes to Dolent, Vélan or Grand-Combin, or something in between - you will certainly not run out of options! We recommend hiring a mountain guide.

This definitely applies to those interested in heliskiing! With two heliski landing pads, you'll have access to an even wider range of fantastic slopes in the area. Numerous glacier runs await you, which will make your stay in Liddes an unforgettable experience!

And if you haven't had enough and are looking for heights, you can now also admire the enchanting alpine region from above. All year round, experts are available to discover the surroundings from the air with you from various take-off points. Enjoy the magnificent view while paragliding over the Valais Alps!