2nd Nomad Fest Switzerland

8th - 15th September 2024
Liddes, Switzerland
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Unwind in Nature
This summer, connect, learn, and experience the great outdoors in the picturesque Swiss Alps together with up to 80 digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and freedom seekers.

Join the 2nd Nomad Fest Switzerland in September 2024 in Saint Bernard to celebrate the freedom lifestyle, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and connect with nature and other like-minded individuals. Nomad Fest Switzerland is the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries, learn new skills, and make lifelong friends.
What You'll Get
All-Inclusive 7-Day Nomad Fest in the Iconic Swiss Alps.

Included in our Nomad Fest Switzerland Package:
Accommodation, full board with community cooking and your Ticket
  • (Un)Conference
    Gain New Insights with our keynote Speakers, Unconferences, and Networking Events.

    Share your passions and talents during Unconferences. This format allows you to shape the agenda and participate in discussions on the topics you care about. Pitch your ideas and see them come to life as part of the Nomad Fest Switzerland program. Anyone can sign up to join in, so let's make it an awesome event together!
  • Coliving
    Experience tranquility and relaxation surrounded by beautiful mountains by staying in one of our roomy chalets, which offer ample facilities for both work and leisure. You'll also have a full-time community manager to assist you during your visit.

    The accommodation is included in your package. To find out more, check the Accommodation and Booking section.
  • Community
    Connect with digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freedom seekers, and build meaningful friendships.
  • Coworking
    Get productive in our coworking space with 100 Mbps internet, free coffee and tea.
  • Excursions
    Discover the Best of St. Bernard Region with the Georges du Durnand, enjoy Outdoor Activities, and Fun Parties.

    This is included in your Nomad Fest Switzerland ticket:

    *Additional excursions and activities, such as partying in Verbier or visiting a thermal spa are not included. To find out more, check the program section.
  • Activities
    Explore the beauty of Switzerland by hiking in the Swiss Alps, indulging in fondue and raclette nights, relaxing by bonfires under the stars and more.

    This is included in your Nomad Fest Switzerland ticket:
    • Free entry to the indoor pool in Bourg-St-Pierre (29 degrees, open weekends and Wednesdays) and the outdoor pool in Champex-Lac (open every day)
    • Evening program with party nights with ski shots, dancing, Campfires and In-house Sauna
    • Transfers to the activities (unless marked as *not included in the program section)
Whether you want to arrive early or extend your stay, we've got you covered!
Discover our accommodation options to maximize your experience and don't miss out on breathtaking views and community events taking place before and after the Nomad Fest Switzerland, for an unforgettable time in the Swiss Alps.
How to participate
At Nomad Fest Switzerland, there are various opportunities for you to engage and add value to the community.

You can participate as a keynote speaker, a community ambassador, or a volunteer, or simply enjoy our program and connect with other freedom seekers in your own way. Whatever your role may be, we highly encourage active involvement throughout the program with unconferences and networking events.
Immerse yourself in our program and connect with like-minded freedom seekers at your own path. To join, simply book your ticket, select your preferred food and accommodation options, and embrace an incredible journey of self-discovery and connection.
Inspire, uplift, and motivate others with your remarkable story! Join us as a Keynote Speaker at Nomad Fest Switzerland and share your expertise. Enjoy free entry to the event, an extra ticket to give away, and two additional nights at one of our locations. Unleash your impact and be part of this transformative experience!

Although the keynote speaker slots are currently filled, we have other fantastic chances for you to make a difference! Join our unconferences and share your skills, talents, and ideas with others. Host a yoga session, mindfulness session, or bring your creative suggestions. Our program welcomes your contributions. Contact us at nomadfest@frilingue.ch for questions or suggestions. We're excited to hear from you!
Gain free entry to the event, and enjoy complimentary accommodation and delicious meals throughout your stay. We're constantly on the lookout for skilled and motivated individuals willing to volunteer in various areas, such as cooking, social media, blogging, content creation, and community management. If you can spare a minimum of 25 hours per week and are available to stay for at least two weeks or a month, make sure to apply using the form below!
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Calling all community leaders! Want to invite your community to join the Nomad Fest? We have a special promotion for community ambassadors, including exclusive promotion codes for your members and the chance to earn benefits like commissions on confirmed accommodations. As an ambassador, you'll receive free entry to Nomad Fest and the opportunity to be a speaker.

Get in touch at nomadfest@frilingue.ch to learn more about it.
Keynote Speakers Announcement
Get ready to be inspired! Coming soon.

8th September - 15th September 2024
Program Nomad Fest
Exciting things are in store for the upcoming Nomad Fest, and this is just a sneak peek of what you can expect!

Our program is designed to provide a balanced mix of inspiring keynotes, engaging unconference sessions, and a variety of in- and outdoor activities to connect, learn, and share with others. You'll have flexibility in the afternoons to choose between optional excursions or dedicated work time.

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Community Ambassador
We're thrilled to introduce our ambassadors, who serve as incredible sources of inspiration. Get to know more about them:
Yazan Badarny is from Palestine and has a background as Software engineer. He followed his passion and started HomeAwe in 2022. Now he dedicate his time as a volunteer backpacker, influencer and content creator.

HomeAwe encourage people around the world and specifically Palestinians, to volunteer and do internships worldwide. There you will find remarkable programs in different countries, particularly in Africa and Asia. Yazan created a meaningful volunteerism with global impact through HomeAwe.
Dean Kuchel is a 9 years digital nomad, who traveled to 100+ countries. He is an ambassador to the digital nomad lifestyle, a public speaker, founder of Digital Nomads Israel, founder of United Nomads, and a consultant for various businesses, and governmental bodies to promote remote work, the digital nomad lifestyle and the future of work.

Digital Nomads Israel is one of the most connected and engaged communities in Digital Nomads and remote professionals, with more than 42,000 active members, and rapid growth. It is a leading source of information and knowledge, and serves as the virtual home for all Digital Nomads from or in Israel.
Simon Lewis, the founder of CoWorking Days, is a British marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in international travel and tourism marketing. He specializes in travel, food, and the lifestyle of a mature remote worker, embracing the digital nomad lifestyle since 2006.

In 2016, CoWorking Days began as a project aimed at bringing together like-minded digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. Their goal was to create a platform where individuals could network, share knowledge, and exchange ideas both online and offline. Since then, CoWorking Days has flourished into a thriving community with 11 chapters across 11 cities, boasting a membership of over 4000 individuals.
Digital Nomads World is the go-to platform for those interested in a digital nomad or location independent lifestyle. Their active social network, city guides for digital nomads, remote job listings, discounts, professional remote work consultations and resources make it easy to live and work anywhere in the world.

Yair Sterman and Amichai Ben David, the founders of this platform, along with Becca Marsh, their community manager, are all digital nomads who have personally experienced the location independent lifestyle by traveling around the world. They have gained valuable insights from other nomads and travelers, which they have incorporated into the values and features of their community.
Get your all-inclusive package for just €500!
Secure your 1-week all-inclusive stay now and enjoy a hassle-free experience.
Content Creators
We are delighted to present a remarkable group of individuals who embody creativity, passion, and inspiration: our content creators! Follow them!
Louise loves to travel and particularly loves finding budget things to do around the world or spooky/offbeat hidden gems around Europe.
She launched her freelance career full-time in January 2023 and has gone on to specialise in social media support and Pinterest Management for bloggers and small businesses.

Take a look to her blog, where Louise shares her captivating travel experiences and invaluable insights.
Follow Samantha's journey as she explores the world, from hiking in majestic mountains to swimming in the sparkling sea and embracing the breathtaking sunsets from her campervan.
Samantha's love for unique and offbeat accommodations fuels her curiosity to uncover hidden gems and share her remarkable experiences with others.
Yazan is a volunteer backpacker, influencer, and content creator who is on a global mission. Dedicated to exploring the world through volunteering, Yazan seeks out the finest volunteer and internship programs that truly value and honor the contributions of volunteers. With a passion for uniting diverse cultures and fostering community, Yazan's journey is an inspiring one.
Dani is the blogger behind Travelling Jezebel, a blog about off the beaten path travel in Europe with a focus on food, culture, and offbeat experiences. She's spent the last 7 years living nomadically, and places she's called 'home' include Cambodia, Poland, Spain, and Italy. Currently, she is based in Manchester, UK.
Take a look at the blog authored by Dani, known as Travelling Jezebel.
For the past 15 years, Tanja has explored the globe as a solo female traveler, embarking on countless adventures in over 35 countries. Exhausted from the typical 9-5 jobs, she made the decision to become self-employed and embrace the digital nomad lifestyle, allowing her to travel the world. Now, Tanja invites you into her universe of slow travel, where she uncovers the connection between mental health, work, personal growth, and the joy of exploration.

Through her Instagram account and Youtube channel , Tanja shares her knowledge and tools as a life coach and mindful nomad.
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Our Accomodations
Experience a memorable stay at our Liddes and Bourg St. Pierre locations. Join us at the "Relais de Dranse" Coliving, where the main program will take place. Depending on your accommodation preference (shared, double, or single room) and availability, we will assign you a venue and notify you via email regarding your stay. Complimentary transfers from Petit vélan to the main venue will be organized.

All of our accommodations include high-speed internet, a coworking, and coliving space, a fully equipped kitchen, as well as ample room to unwind and relax.

Choose from our affordable options, which include shared rooms with bunk beds (4 or 6 beds) or private double and single rooms. You won't need to book your accommodation separately; it's all part of your package.

Check out our packages for more information.
Relais de Dranse (Liddes)
Our main venue for the program and dinner is our coliving space, "Relais de Dranse," located in Liddes.

This spacious chalet has seven rooms and a total of 25 beds, along with a beautiful garden and a huge lounge. Ski slopes are just a five-minute drive away, and the best hiking trails are at our doorstep.
Learn more
Swiss Alps Coliving (Liddes)
Located just a 12-minute walk from our main venue, "Swiss Alps Coliving" in Liddes offers 10 rooms that can host up to 22 people.

Our coliving space features a generously sized kitchen, bar, dining area, and workspace, all thoughtfully designed to accommodate your needs and desires.
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Petit Vélan (Bourg St Pierre)
Our coliving space in Bourg St Pierre is less than 10-minute away by car from our main venue, "Relais de Dranse," and can be accessed by bus.

The coliving space has seven rooms, with a total of 24 beds, including four double rooms and a carnotzet. It is located near the highest alpine botanical garden in the Alps.
Learn more
Book your preferred accommodation with us. We offer affordable flexible short and long-term stay options if you would like to visit us earlier or stay longer. The longer you stay, the more you save!

Community kitchen
Enjoy Full Board Inclusive!

As part of our package, we offer full board, which means you'll be treated to breakfast, a light lunch, and dinner.

In return, we kindly request your assistance with meal preparation, grocery shopping, cleaning, and dishwashing (approximately 2 hours per day). Together, we'll create a vibrant and collaborative community experience.
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We're excited to introduce our incredible partners, who bring immense value to our community. Learn more about them:
Mapmelon - The All-in-one app for nomad colivers
Keep track of your friends' plans, discover colivings, ask questions, and share your experiences as a nomad. Find everything you need for your next coliving adventure in one place: Mapmelon.
Find all the information about the Worldwide Coliving Community in one place: Mapmelon.

The founders of Mapmelon are a couple of digital nomads hailing from Spain. Ramon, a passionate software developer who loves fruits and surfing, joined forces with Sole, a creative digital marketer who finds peace in nature and journaling.

Discover Mapmelon's story by reading our blog article.
To be announced soon...